About Us

Uravu Eco Links

Uravu Eco Links Ltd. was incorporated under the Companies Act 1956 in the year 2004 with the main objective of carrying out the business of manufacturing and trading eco-friendly agricultural/horticultural products and handicraft products made of bamboo, reed, cane and other such natural materials. It operates as the marketing and implementation agency for Uravu’s bamboo products and activities. An important goal is to promote, develop and encourage eco-tourism ventures such as the Uravu Bamboo Village Homestays and the Uravu Bamboo Grove Resort. UEL is trading with raw and treated bamboo.

A main focus of UEL is construction with bamboo. The constructions include cost-effective housing projects as well as structures for tourism ventures. UEL implemented the UravuBamboo GroveResort (www.uravubamboogrove.com), a community-based eco-tourism venture based on innovative design concepts using locally sourced natural materials including bamboo. The Bamboo Grove Project also aims to develop working models, which can be adopted by the community (e.g. sustainable construction, waste management).


Uravu is a network of community-based organisations spread out in Wayanad District, Kerala State, South India, working with people, governments and businesses to implement programmes for sustainable development of rural areas (www.uravu.net). Uravu implements focused end-to-end programmes in the bamboo sector.

Uravu promotes bamboo handicrafts for employment and income generation for rural women, and cultivation of bamboo for its environmental and economic benefits. Uravu runs a Common Facilities Centre (CFC) for providing backward and forward linkages to the Micro Enterprises (MEs) in the Kalpetta Bamboo Cluster. Uravu functions as a Resource Centre on Bamboo, developing processes and products, and as a training centre disseminating knowledge and skills on applications of bamboo, the “green gold”.Uravu also runs a Bamboo Nursery that generates planting materials of over 30 species of bamboos and conducts bamboo-planting programmes.

The ‘Uravu network’ comprises of Uravu Indigenous Science & Technology Study Centre, a non-profit trust; Uravu Eco-Links Ltd.; Kalpetta Bamboo Cluster Producers’ Association, a society of artisans in the Kalpetta Bamboo Cluster andUravu Bamboo Village, a community collective in Thrikkaipetta village.