We Promote Sustainable Development with Bamboo


Uravu Eco Links Ltd. provides green building solutions with innovative designs using local materials such as bamboo, mud and other sustainable resources. We promote environmental sustainability in our structures and have so far completed several eco-friendly construction projects in South India. 


Uravu Eco Links Ltd. set up the Uravu Bamboo Grove Resort with the main objective of developing a sustainable, eco-friendly tourism project, which involves and benefits the local community. We are committed to three principles: eco-friendliness, community involvement and innovative design.

Bamboo Trading

To ensure fair prices to the farmers for their bamboo as well as to make available a sufficient quantity of raw and treated bamboo of approved quality and standards to consumers, Uravu Eco Links Ltd. has set up a bamboo trading depot.


Uravu Eco Links Ltd. offers workshops, which give you the opportunity to learn more about bamboo, get hands-on experience, build different bamboo structures, work on housing and furniture designs and plans, and much more.

Latest News

Onam celebration with children

Onam celebration with children

Thrikkaipetta: Celebrate Onam with children at Uravu Eco Links. More than 20 children from Thrikkaipetta Vellithode area participated in the Onam celebration held at Bamboo Grove Resort. Competitions like flower field competition and swing treasure hunt were also...

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