Uravu Eco Links Ltd. opened the Uravu Bamboo Grove Resort in Thrikkaipetta, Wayanad in 2015, with the main objective of developing and running a sustainable, eco-friendly tourism project, which involves and benefits the local community. The Uravu Bamboo Grove Resort is committed three principles: eco-friendliness, community involvement and innovative design concepts using locally available materials.

All four cottages at the Uravu Bamboo Grove Resort are made of bamboo and other sustainable and locally sourced materials. P.J. George and IN:CH Architects + Planners were the main partners in the design and construction of the resort and supported Uravu Eco Links by developing designs for new and innovative structures using natural materials.

Uravu has been promoting eco-friendly community-based tourism since 2007 and helped to set up the homestays in Thrikkaipetta – The Uravu Bamboo Village. Jointly with Kabani and the Village Committee of Thrikkaipetta, Uravu was involved in the framing of community tourism concepts in the village.

Uravu Eco Links Ltd. also supports the homestays in the village. Whenever tourists enjoy a stay in the Uravu Bamboo Village, the community earns additional income. Tourists have the opportunity to live with a local family, experience the traditional farming culture, visit the Uravu bamboo production center, its showroom and the bamboo nursery, and can even learn to create bamboo handicrafts. Tourists and villagers are being encouraged to meet and learn from each other. The Uravu Bamboo Village initiative aims at promoting the sustainable development of the village as a whole.

Furthermore, Uravu Eco Links Ltd. offers various touristic activities including painting classes, bird watching tours, village walks, trekking and art gallery tours with people from the community.

You can learn more about the tourism activities and book your stay at the Uravu Bamboo Grove Resort or in a homestay by visiting our website: