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Bamboo Trading

To ensure fair prices to the farmers for their bamboo as well as to make available a sufficient quantity of raw and treated bamboo of approved quality and standards to consumers, Uravu Eco Links Ltd. has set up a bamboo trading depot.

Bamboo being a bio-material is subject to the adverse effects of unsuitable climatic conditions and pest attacks. Adequate care has to be taken to ensure that the raw material meets the recommended quality standards. The procedures adopted for extraction and storage of bamboo culms play a vital role. Uravu Eco Links Ltd. has the required linkages in its trading chain to ensure that the bamboo is of the desired quality.

Processed Bamboo

The bamboo being sourced is processed and treated in different locations, either at the site itself or at a bamboo processing center. It is sized and segregated according to its intended use. Quality testing of processed bamboo is also done.

Bamboo Treatments

Uravu Eco Links Ltd. uses a variety of treatment methods depending on the requirements. These include: boucherie, modified boucherie, chemical dipping methods, vacuum pressure impregnation and external applications. Treatment with boric acid-borax, CCB and CSNL is done based on the needs at the client’s site.

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