bamboo log

The Bamboo Log project was conducted jointly by INHAF (a national network of NGOs, professionals, civic groups and individuals working on human settlements development issues) and URAVU (a Kerala based NGO concentrating on bamboo ecology, economy, community and society) and supported by the Fetzer Foundation
(engaged in fostering awareness on love and forgiveness).

The Bamboo Log project is focused on the following:

Promoting use of bamboo

Promoting use of bamboo as a material for building construction (especially houses for low income rural households) and furniture making (for the low/middle income urban households).

Exploring ways

Exploring ways to enhancing employment prospects, income augmentation and living conditions for the bamboo workers and tribes

Exposing and sensitising young professionals

Exposing and sensitising young professionals and design students (architecture, interior/furniture design) to the challenge of designing for the poor/low income groups in a participatory/ consultative manner and working as equal partners with the traditional bamboo artisans.

Final Event

Exhibition on bamboo construction, design and products is held in various sites in the Bamboo Village, Thrikkaipetta, Wayanad district, Kerala


As part of initiating a state level discussion on the prospects of bamboo in Kerala, a two-day seminar with the participation of national level experts is taking place on 11th and 12th of March 2017 in Thrikkaipetta, Wayanad, Kerala. Uravu Indigenous Science and Technology Study Centre will be coordinating the seminar.

The objective of the seminar is to formulate and redefine strategies for further development of the bamboo sector in Kerala and to develop an action plan for the same. The seminar consists of five sessions, which will address the following issues: raw material, production, construction, marketing as well as policy and legal aspects of working with bamboo. The seminar aims at critically looking at the existing status and programmes and to evolve possible solutions. The participants of the programme will be policymakers, govt. officials, architects, construction engineers, academic institutions, farmers, etc. Students from design, management and technical institutions will also be participating.


A workshop will be conducted from 11th to 13th of March 2017 to support the involvement of tribal communities in the bamboo housing sector. The workshop is mainly designed to address the present scenario of tribal housing. It includes a session for interaction between young architects and selected representatives of tribal communities. The aim is to transfer knowledge on housing. There will be another interaction between the bamboo working artisans from Kerala with artisans from the North-Eastand other regions of India for exchange of skills and knowledge on bamboo.


The purpose of the exhibition on bamboo construction, design and products is to showcase the various uses of bamboo and the work done by Uravu and other groups working on bamboo so far. The exhibition is open to the public.

Venue: Various sites in the Uravu Bamboo Village, Thrikkaipetta, Wayanad District, Kerala

Date:  11th – 14th of  March 2017

Opening hours: 10:00-21:00


The map shows the different venues, which are all in walking distance.

Uravu Indigenous Science and Technology Study Centre

In this venue, the bamboo treatment process is demonstrated and the exhibition of various bamboo products by the different production units in Wayanad takes place. The Uravu sales shop can also be visited. The bamboo working machines are demonstrated so that the visitor can learn how the works are done. Screening of bamboo based films also takes place in the venue. The visitors will get an exposure to different species of bamboo for commercial use. Information will be available regarding the various training programmes and student internship programmes conducted by Uravu.

Uravu Eco Links

In the office of Uravu Eco Links an exhibition and a lecture on bamboo houses construction is taking place. Details on construction of bamboo buildings are displayed. The visitors will be able to get an idea about various stages in construction of a building with bamboo as a principal material. Organizers will share their expertise in this sector with the visitors.

Uravu Community Centre

In this venue, posters and models are displayed of the bamboo houses designed by students. There will be interactions between tribal representatives and young architects to transfer their knowledge on housing.

Uravu Kalari Centre

In the Kalari Centre, an exhibition on bamboo based furniture and creative installations are showcased. The furniture constructed as part of the Bamboo Log Project is displayed along with the latest bamboo furniture developed by students from premier design institutes jointly with Uravu’s artisans.


Live demonstration of the skills in bamboo craft by artisans from different states in India.

Uravu Bamboo Nursery

In Uravu’s Bamboo Nursery, the visitors can have a look at over 40 species of bamboo. There will be lecture sessions for information dissemination  by experts.

Meenakshi’s 350 sq. ft. house

This model bamboo house of 350 sq. ft. can be visited. It is a model house, which can be constructed under the Indira AwasYojana Government scheme.

Bindu’s 450 sq. ft. house

This model bamboo house of 450 sq. ft. can be visited. It is a model house, which can be constructed under the Indira AwasYojana Government scheme.

Bamboo Grove

In the Uravu Bamboo Grove resort four cottages made of bamboo and areca nut, which were designed by IN:CH Architects + Planners and Padavu Builders and executed by Uravu Eco Links are presented. They involve new and innovative designs.

Church Hall

In this venue, a 2-day national seminar on problems and solutions regarding the various issues of the bamboo sector is taking place.

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