Monsoon Art Camp at the Uravu Bamboo Grove Resort

The Monsoon Art Camp, jointly organised by the Wayanad Art Cloud and Uravu Eco Links, took place on 16 and 17 August 2022 in the Uravu Bamboo Grove Resort in Thrikkaipetta, Wayanad.

The Wayanad Art Cloud, an international cooperative, wished to give the artists who participated in the camp a platform to express themselves after the calamity of COVID.

The Uravu Bamboo Grove provided the perfect atmosphere for the artists to immerse themselves in their works amidst beautifully built bamboo and mud cottages. It was mesmerising to watch how an empty white canvas was transformed into a work of art with every stroke and colour added to it. The artists say it’s a continuous process that develops each and every day.

The art camp began with the artists coming together and setting up their art space. This was followed by a talk by Dr Annemarie Bucher and Dr Dominique Lämmli from FOA-FLUX research and action lab who interacted with the artists through an online platform on ‘art in action research’ and how artists can contribute at a community level.

The artists of the Wayanad Art Cloud were inspired by different ways of life. In their words: “You cannot contain the art by frameworks or themes. Once defined, it’s restricted”. “It is in search of a home, grounded and rooted for others.” “We can always draw inspiration from nature, indigenous people and their way of life. It’s worth watching how decay/ageing is portrayed artistically”.

The artists agreed that art should contribute to inspiring communities, rather than be confined to galleries. Interesting concepts and plans emerged which include joint exhibitions, conducting art workshops in schools and painting murals in the community space.