Ankur is an international trade and development expert with more than a
decade of experience working on projects with UNCTAD, the International Trade
Centre (ITC), the World Trade Organization (WTO) and the Confederation of
Indian Industry (CII). He led the Indian team in developing the export and
investment strategy for ITC’s Supporting India’s Trade and Investment for Africa
(SITA) project. He is an UN-certified non-tariff measures (NTMs) researcher and
recently led a team in comprehensive legal mapping of 6000+ Indian standards
and technical regulations or NTMs for an UNCTAD project. He also has
experience of working with the Development Division at the WTO in Geneva and
with CII as a trade policy advisor working on several projects concerning
economic and development cooperation within South Asia.
Currently, Ankur is working as an advisor for Uravu Eco Links and is looking to
expand Uravu Eco Links’ footprint through a network model in his home state of
Assam and Northeast India.