Dr. Tetali has over three decades of experience as a scientist in plant research,
plant ecology, biodiversity conservation, and alternative farming systems,
among others. He has authored several books and research papers on species
diversity, propagation, and conservation of threatened species, with a current
focus on bamboo cultivation and management. He is widely recognized for his
authoritative body of work and is currently a member of the IUCN, Species
Survival Commission (Plants), founder member of the India Bamboo Forum,
member of the Maharashtra State Biodiversity Board, advisor to the
Maharashtra Bamboo Development Board and a fellow of the Indian Association
for Angiosperm Taxonomists (IAAN). He is also a promoter of the Western Ghats
Bamboo Growers’ Cooperative through which he has worked extensively with
bamboo farmers. He was head of the Naoroji Godrej Center for Plant Research
for over two decades.
Dr Tetali is an advisor to Uravu Eco Links on bamboo cultivation and post-
harvest management.