Shyam is an inventor and promoter who is interested in design and
development of sustainable technologies that address issues related to energy,
water, resource management and pollution. He has a patent granted for a Solar
Peak Load Minimiser System and has eight patent pending designs ranging from
a grid solar compensation system for domestic applications to a waste
management machine – Suchita. He is currently the Managing Director of
Innovation Experience. They won the Urban Works Innovation Challenge in 2018
with a joint project of the Columbia University Global Center and Fu Foundation
School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. He has worked on various
renewable energy design and installation projects for Government utilities and
agencies, and corporates, as well as educational institutions across Kerala.
Shyam is also working on bamboo-based products that minimize the use of non-
renewables. He is a qualified mechanical engineer and has worked as an
engineer for over a decade.
At Uravu Eco Links, Shyam is engaged in an advisory role on bamboo-based
technologies and applications, and is developing appropriate technology
adaptations for the Boucherie method of bamboo treatment.