Snake Venom Treatment Center, Christ Academy, Hallikerehundi, Mysore, Karnataka

The Snake Venom Treatment Center at Hallikerehundi, Mysore, is a pilot community project led by the School of Architecture, Christ University, Bangalore. Students and faculty members were actively involved in its concept, design and implementation. About 15 km from Mysore city, Hallikerehundi village is home to traditional farmers cultivation sugar cane, vegetables and cereals. While working in the fields, they are sometimes bitten by poisonous snakes. The Snake Venom treatment Center was established to provide first aid and treatment for snake bites.

The building design features a enforcement roof based on a bamboo structure with woven bamboo strips. The foundations and basement were constructed of dressed stone masonry. The super-structure is made of bamboo columns with concrete footings. The roof consists of split bamboo woven through bamboo rafters, which is covered with a enforcement slab.

The concept and design is highly innovative. Terracotta jally was incorporated in many places to allow light to enter and air to circulate inside. Floors and walls are finished with a traditional black oxide coating.

Sustainable aspects: Use of locally available materials such as stone and wood, along with bamboo of various species such as  and forms such as Bambusa bamboo, Dendrocalamus strictus and Dendrocalamus giganteus.

Location: Hallikerehundi, Mysore, Karnataka

Client: School of Architecture, Christ University, Bangalore

Site area: 30,000 sqm

Built-up area: 85 sqm

Build time: 6 months

Completion: February 2020

Architects & engineers: School of Architecture, Christ University, Bangalore & Er. B.L. Manjunath, Bangalore as a structural consultant

Execution: Uravu Eco Links Ltd., Wayanad