Zelesta Resort, Eco-Resort, Kakkadampoyil, Malappuram, Kerala

This eco-friendly resort is located on a 7-acre site situated in Kakkadampoyil, an upcoming tourism destination, 60km from Calicut. The super-structure is entirely made of bamboo, mud, and thatch roofing, to blend in with the serene surroundings.

The various spaces are located on either side of the internal road. Taking advantage of the contours of the site, the design provides for uninterrupted views from the stand-alone structures. The car park is delineated very near the entrance to reduce traffic within the site. The reception is located at the highest point, overlooking the entire valley. The restaurant, which sits below the reception building, on the other side of the axis, part of the phase-II development. The accommodation units are tucked inside various levels, and will be developed in phases. The doughnut-shape of the reception block is designed to maximize the uninterrupted sight lines towards the South and the administrative offices and toilets are placed on the inner side. Walking up to the reception from the road, the staircase floats over a water feature that continues into the courtyard garden. The reception oozes out to the yoga pavilion, paving a curvy landscape. The circular yoga pavilion,is a semi-open structure with a conical roof that has large overhangs to cut off the direct view to the outside. The bamboo pillars gradually bend inwards to support the roof elements, and the conical cap is offset to provide additional air-flow. The low stone wall demarcating the space, also acts as seating. The restaurant block will seat 50 guests inside and have a lavish sit-out terminating in an infinity pool. A separate service entrance for the kitchen is concealed from sight. The suite guest room, designed for larger families, has sunken seating feature and a fire pit. The location in the independent cottages has been carefully chosen to maintain privacy and provide expansive views.

Sustainable aspects: Use of locally available materials such as stone, rubble, mud and wood, as well as the use of eco-friendly materials including bamboo and thatch grass

Location: Kakkadampoyil, Malappuram District, Kerala State

Client: Impressed Group, Kochi, Ernakulam District, Kerala

Site area: 30,000 sqm

Built-up area: 500 sqm

Build time: 12 months

Completion: March 2020

Architects & engineers: Uravu Eco Links Ltd., Wayanad

Execution: Uravu Eco Links Ltd., Wayanad